⏫ Fast Up Button

The fast up button is used to speed up video or music. Don’t confuse this with the fast forward option, as it speeds up sound instead of picture. If you like listening to high pitched songs or videos, then this button is for you. Combine it with a musical note emoji to show that you have some fun musical sound manipulation. Or if you need someone to hurry up with their speech, send it with a dash.

Kaomoji and emoticon combinations

Kaomojis are popular emoticons in Japan. They are used to communicate emotions and characters using Japanese grammatical punctuation and symbols. Like this: ^^! You can use this creative style in messengers and the web to impress your friends. Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: ⏫🚴‍♂️. You can use combos to send riddles or wordless messages to your friends. Here are some relevant Kaomojis and Combinations related to ⏫ Fast Up Button Emoji:

⏫🚴‍♂️  — Faster pedal^^

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Appearance on different platforms

Emoji on different platforms, operating systems and devices look different. Each manufacturer of web services, OS or gadgets can create an emoji design in accordance with their corporate identity and vision:

⏫ decryption

Emoji Name ⏫ Fast Up Button
Shortcode: :arrow_double_up:
Unicode U+23EB
Unicode Version Unicode 6.0 (2010)
First appeared Emoji Version 1.0

⏫ translation into other languages

Other names ⏫ Quick⏫ Pitch Change⏫ Arrow⏫ Double⏫ Fast Up Button
Name in Spanish: Triángulo Doble Hacia Arriba
Spanish keywords: Arriba, Flecha, Triángulo Doble Hacia Arriba
Name in Italian: Pulsante Doppia Freccia In Alto
Italian keywords: Doppia Freccia In Alto, Pulsante Doppia Freccia In Alto, Freccia, Alto
Name in German: Doppelpfeile Nach Oben
German keywords: Doppelpfeile Nach Oben, Doppelpfeil, Pfeil, Nach Oben, Doppelt, Aufwärts
French name: Flèche Vers Le Haut
French keywords: Haut, Flèche Vers Le Haut
Portuguese name: Botão De Avanço Para Cima
Portuguese keywords: Dupla, Botão De Avanço Para Cima, Seta

Emoji Codes of ⏫ Fast Up Button

URL Escape Code %E2%8F%AB
Bytes (UTF-8) xE2x8FxAB
Punycode xn--coh
HTML hex &#x23EB
HTML dec &#9195
PHP 7 u{23EB}
JavaScript u23EB
Css 23EB
Java u23EB
C, C++ u23EB
Python u23EB
Perl x{23EB}
Ruby u{23EB}