🤧 Sneezing Face

A sneezing face is a smiley face with closed 👀 eyes and 😔 a sad (or in some cases absent) mouth that holds a handkerchief near the face as if it were sneezing. Most often it is used in the literal sense – that is, in the context of an illness and a runny nose. It can be an illustration of a cold, flu, Allergy, or other diseases with symptoms of a runny nose. In this sense, it may be part of a complaint or an excuse. Also, although much less frequently, it can be used as a symbol of sentimentality, especially with one or two crying emoticons.

Kaomoji and Emoji combinations

Kaomojis are popular emoticon symbols in Japan. They are used to share emotions and descriptions using Japanese grammatical punctuation marks and symbols. So: ;-;! You can use this creative style in messengers and networks to impress your friends. The combination is simply a set of emoticons that are placed together, for example: 🌍☢😷🤧🤒. You can use combos to send riddles or wordless messages to your friends. Here are some relevant Kaomojis and Combinations related to the Sneezing face Emoji:

🌍☢😷🤧🤒  — Epidemic 😢⚰️😭🤧  — Horrible event 😼🤧  — Cat allergy;-;( `▽ ’)(*_ _)人(^་།^)( ̄ ;; ̄)( ̄ハ ̄*)(シ. .)シ<(_ _)>>_<


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🤧 decryption

Emoji Name 🤧 Sneezing Face
Shortcode: :sneezing_face:
Unicode U+1F927
Unicode Version Unicode 9.0 (2016)
First appeared Emoji Version 3.0

🤧 translation into other languages

Other names 🤧 Gesundheit🤧 Face🤧 Sneeze🤧 Sneezing Face
Name in Spanish: Cara Estornudando
Spanish keywords: Cara, Pañuelo, Estornudo, Cara Estornudando, Estornudar
Name in Italian: Faccina Che Starnutisce
Italian keywords: Faccina Che Starnutisce, Starnuto, Raffreddore, Faccina
Name in German: Niesendes Gesicht
German keywords: Niesendes Gesicht, Niesen, Gesicht
French name: Visage Qui Éternue
French keywords: Rhume, Visage, Visage Qui Éternue, Éternuement, Éternuer, Atchoum
Portuguese name: Rosto Espirrando
Portuguese keywords: Espirro, Espirrando, Rosto Espirrando

Emoji Codes of 🤧 Sneezing Face

URL Escape Code %F0%9F%A4%A7
Bytes (UTF-8) xF0x9FxA4xA7
Punycode xn--gq9h
HTML hex &#x1F927
HTML dec &#129319
PHP 7 u{1F927}
JavaScript u1F927
JSON u1F927
Css 1F927
Java u1F927
C, C++ u1F927
Python u1F927
Perl x{1F927}
Ruby u{1F927}

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