🐫 Two-Hump Camel

The camel with two humps emoticon is a depiction of a less common camel than the one represented by the one-humped camel emoticon. It is characterized by the presence of not one, but two humps on the back, which are used to conserve water and food for a long stay in the desert. This sturdy ungulate mammal is a symbol of the ability to overcome difficulties, no matter what, so emoji is sometimes used in this sense, though less often than in its literal sense.

Kaomoji and emoticon combinations

Kaomojis are popular emoticons in Japan. They are used to communicate emotions and descriptions using Japanese grammatical punctuation and symbols. Like this: (◕ (‘人’) ◕)! You can use this creative style in messengers and the web to impress your friends. Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 👨🏻🚣‍🐫🐫. You can use combos to send riddles or wordless messages to your friends. Here are some relevant Kaomojis and Combinations related to Two-humped Camel Emoji:

👨🏻🚣‍🐫🐫  — Noah 🌵🌻🐫  — Desert(◕(‘人‘) ◕)


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🐫 decryption

Emoji Name 🐫 Two-Hump Camel
Shortcode: :camel:
Unicode U+1F42B
Unicode Version Unicode 6.0 (2010)
First appeared Emoji Version 1.0

🐫 translation into other languages

Other names 🐫 Bactrian🐫 Camel🐫 Hump🐫 Two-Hump Camel
Name in Spanish: Camello
Spanish keywords: Bactriano, Jorobas, Dromedario, Camello, Desierto
Name in Italian: Cammello
Italian keywords: Cammello, Gobba, Animale
Name in German: Kamel
German keywords: Zweihöckrig, Tier, Kamel
French name: Chameau
French keywords: Chameau, Animal
Portuguese name: Camelo Com Duas Corcovas
Portuguese keywords: Camelo, Corcova, Animal, Camelo Asiático Com Duas Corcovas, Camelo Com Duas Corcovas

Emoji Codes of 🐫 Two-Hump Camel

URL Escape Code %F0%9F%90%AB
Bytes (UTF-8) xF0x9Fx90xAB
Punycode xn--zo8h
HTML hex &#x1F42B
HTML dec &#128043
PHP 7 u{1F42B}
JavaScript u1F42B
Css 1F42B
Java u1F42B
C, C++ u1F42B
Python u1F42B
Perl x{1F42B}
Ruby u{1F42B}

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