🥀 Wilted Flower

The Withered Flower emoticon is an image of a flower that died due to a lack of 💦 water or sunlight – most likely a red 🌹 rose (although it may differ in different platform versions). It is the complete opposite of the flamboyant plant represented by 🌺 Hibiscus and is therefore often used as a synonym for lost feelings, lost love, or simply a depressed state of mind. It is sometimes also used as a symbol for long and useless waiting.

Kaomoji and emoticon combinations

Kaomojis are popular emoticons in Japan. They are used to communicate emotions and descriptions using Japanese grammatical punctuation and symbols. Like this: (✽ ゚ q ゚ ✽)! You can use this creative style in messengers and the web to impress your friends. Combinations are just a bunch of emojis placed together, like this: 🥀❤️✨. You can use combos to send riddles or wordless messages to your friends. Here are some relevant Kaomojis and Combinations related to Withered Flower ted Emoji:

🥀❤️✨ 👱‍♀️🦁🥀❤️✨  — Beauty and the Beast 🥀🌧️🌹  — Water is the source of life 🥀🖤  — Wilted love(✽ ゚д゚ ✽)(✿◠‿◠)༼∩✿ل͜✿༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆✿✿✿✿✿✿


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Appearance on different platforms

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🥀 decryption

Emoji Name 🥀 Wilted Flower
Shortcode: :wilted_rose:
Unicode U+1F940
Unicode Version Unicode 9.0 (2016)
First appeared Emoji Version 3.0

🥀 translation into other languages

Other names 🥀 Flower🥀 Wilted
Name in Spanish: Flor Marchita
Spanish keywords: Flor, Tristeza, Marchitarse, Marchita, Marchitada
Name in Italian: Fiore Appassito
Italian keywords: Fiore, Appassito
Name in German: Welke Blume
German keywords: Welke Blume, Verwelkt, Blume
French name: Fleur Fanée
French keywords: Fleur, Fanée
Portuguese name: Flor Murcha
Portuguese keywords: Murcha, Flor, Murchando

Emoji Codes of 🥀 Wilted Flower

URL Escape Code %F0%9F%A5%80
Bytes (UTF-8) xF0x9FxA5x80
Punycode xn--5q9h
HTML hex &#x1F940
HTML dec &#129344
PHP 7 u{1F940}
JavaScript u1F940
JSON u1F940
Css 1F940
Java u1F940
C, C++ u1F940
Python u1F940
Perl x{1F940}
Ruby u{1F940}

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